The Happy Bird B&B

Take a lovingly selected place, a lot of passion and creativity; Give it a little sunshine and love and shake it all up. What’s the result? A very special place, a place to feel good, that caresses your soul and puts a smile on your face.

The Happy Bird B&B is located in the tranquil fishing village An Bang at the gates of Hoi An. It comprises three bungalows, a private room, two lofts, a holiday home and a modern café.

The entire project has been realized with great attention to detail and in harmony with the surroundings. The cozy terrace and the large jungle garden round off the overall experience.

Fishing Village

The beautiful beach of An Bang is only a stone’s throw away. You can already hear the sound of the ocean and the small road in front of the Happy Bird leads through our authentic neighborhood directly there.

Our village is a wonderfully quiet place and perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. We are blessed with many small and excellent restaurants offering fresh and delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Especially vegetarians and vegans get their money’s worth. That is what is so lovely about the people here: Our guests are spoiled.

If you are into a voyage of discovery, this is no problem, the ways to Hoi An are short. By bike or scooter you can get there super fast.

The Bird’s Café

Our Bird’s Café is based on the idea of offering simple and delicious dishes made from local ingredients. Nothing beats home cooking.

The menu is small but fine: avocado on dark bread, fruit salads, juicy omelettes, large waffles, French toast, fruit juices and smoothies, crispy muesli or delicious crêpe. We cook fresh and delicious, our kitchen is open and if you like you are welcome to take a look.

We buy all the ingredients from our neighbors here in the village, because we support them and because local tastes better.


Our Bird’s Nest bungalows are colorfully painted, lovingly decorated and furnished with romantic queen size four poster beds. Besides holiday flair and art on the walls, the bungalows score with direct access to the jungle garden. We call them “bird’s nests” and they are perfect for couples.

Each Bird’s Loft follows a minimalist, stylish design, rounded off by quality interiors. Each loft offers plenty for the eye, generous space and a magnificent view of our beautiful neighborhood.

The Full Moon House is a tribute to Vietnamese craftsmanship and design. This high-quality and sophisticatedly furnished holiday home captivates with a lot of space and a large garden. The decoration includes pieces of traditional pottery, paintings by Vietnamese artists and locally made furniture.